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Maybe it might be best, if you bought something specially formulated for numbing it. I was wondering if anyone knows if orajel is safe the put on the penis, or could it be harmful? If You Would Like to Experience: For some men, a small barrier between them and their partner is enough to help decrease sensation to the penis especially if it's a slightly thicker condom and help them laster longer during sex. Answer Questions Do masturbate affect mental health? Apr 2, 9, 0 0.

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Male desensitizers?

Entire Burkina Faso government resigns. When you're fucking, just imagine that you're at the dentist getting your teeth drilled. Those gels work, but for what it is worth, it is better to learn control. Even after showering I feel like I could punch my dick and I wouldn't feel a thing. How Long does it last? Congressman proposes travel ban on Ken Agyapong over Anas' partner killing.

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