Matching teaching styles with learning styles in east asian contexts

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Keep journals of class activities to reinforce vocabulary or new information. Do not fill every minute of class time lecturing and writing on the blackboard. Why do many students appear reluctant to participate in classroom learning discourse? Dealing with multiple learning styles in the ESL classroom. Many Asian students, according to Sue and Kirkare less autonomous, more dependent on authority figures and more obedient and conforming to rules and deadlines. It is also difficult to suggest that an individual language learner is predisposed to only one learning style for learning a particularly area of language, or when achieving any particular communicative goal—that is, would an auditory language learner exclusively benefit from an audio-only approach when asked to complete a pair map task?

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Matching Teaching Styles with Learning Styles in East Asian Contexts

In particular, teachers and co-teachers especially those with different levels of experience need to be pre- pared to modify their teaching behavior to incorporate activities suitable for mul- tiple learning styles. Hinkelman and Pysockfor example, have demonstrated the effectiveness of a multimedia methodology for vocabulary building with Japanese students. The Chinese students have also been identified to posses the same type of thinking orientation by Anderson Finally, students can start summarizing their individual style results in the survey. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. The need for multi-media ESL teaching methods: Disparity in learning styles and teaching styles in the ESL Classroom:

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